Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Here below is a question and answer session that will help you to cover all your doubts on the Xmodgames. The discussion is all about some of the most needed facts on the application. This application comes with few of the most exciting features.

What types of games are possible to try using this application?

It is possible to play buddy online games like clash of clans or 8 ball pool.

What is Xmodgames?

It is a game hacking tool for all those game players out there.

What are the requirements?

This application needs a rooted device. Your device needs to have root access.

What is the possible way of using this app?

You will need first to get the Xmodgames application installed on your device and then you will have to launch the app. Let us take a game that you want to try with this application. Take the game clash of clans; you will see that the application supports this game. After you open the Xmodgames, you will see the game on your list. Tap on the game and install the mod if you want to win the game easily.

Is it possible to connect to other applications while using this game hacking application?

Yes, it is possible. Here is what you should know. Since the application was installed from the Google Play store, you are free to connect to Google or else the Facebook.

What are some of the games that are compatible with this application?

This game hacker application could be easily used in the game clash of clans, candy crush saga or else the game 8 pool. These games share exciting features. You could try different cheat features on the games that you play by using this application. Let us see some of the cheat features that are available for the games that you play.

What are some of the cheat features available on the game “Clash of Clans”?

When you try this application on the clash of clans, you will be able to get gold, elixir and the trophy. It is also possible for you to simulate the sandbox attack.

What are some of the cheat features available on the game “Candy Crush Saga”?

It is possible for the game player to get to the next level of the game by making unlimited moves, lives and by multiplying the score.

What are some of the cheat features available on the game “Boom Beach”?

It will be possible for you to simulate attacks by using the game hacking application.

What are some of the cheat features available on the game “Subway Surfer” and “Candy Crush Soda”?

It will be possible to multiple coins that range 1~150 by using this application. Also, if you use this application on the game Candy crush soda, you will be able to get lives that are unlimited, and you will be able to multiply the score easily.

What are some of the cheat features available in the game “Clash of Kings”?

By using this application, you could collect all the needed resources automatically from the game.

What is the easiest way to install the mod?

It is very easy to install a mod in the game that you play. First, you will have to open the Xmodgames application and then what you have to do is to tap into the game where you want to try the mod. You can add the mod by tapping the button which is there at the end of the mod page. You will have to tap the launch button.

What should I do if Xmodgames has stopped?

This method is what you could do if the Xmodgames has stopped. The first step that you will have to do here is you will have to clear all data that appears in the application. You can clear the data by going to the applications which come under settings. Then reinstall the application for the Xmodgames application to work once again.

What should you do if Xmod will not be able to detect the game?

Sometimes you will not find the launch button. In such cases what will you have to do? In such cases, there is a little thing that you will have to follow. You will have to, first of all, get the game onto your device. Still, if you do not see the launch button, you will have to download the game once again. After that open the game on xmod, and then once again reinstall the mod again.

How could you use the accelerator that appears on the application?

First open the application, next go and select the accelerator and switch on the button to “ON.” To switch on the button, you will have to go to the “More” page and then proceed to start the game. After that, you will have to click on the floating window which is called the (Xbot), and then you can switch onto the “Accelerator” button. Select the “Accelerator” button and then set any value that you require.

What should I do to avoid a pop-up message?

If you get a pop-up message, do the following so that you can avoid the pop-up message. You will have to go to more” and then “Manage my mods.” After that uninstall the mod and once again go to the Mod page. Finally, reinstall the mod and launch it so that you could enjoy the mod in the game that you are playing.

Is the application great to use to hack games?

Yes, it is indeed a great app that makes game lovers addicted to playing games. You will love this application.

These are some of the other things that you would find doubtful when using the application. After you go through the discussion, you will find it very easy to find answers to all the questions that you have regarding the application. Get the application and try using the application in all your games. Have a great time.